“One Product, One QR Code” business intelligence information technology receives market recognition

“COFCO Fulinmen” edible oil’s “One Product, One QR code” digital marketing program wins most innovative business model award

(21 Dec, 2016, Hong KONG) China Opto Holdings Limited (Stock code: 1332.HK) (“China Opto” or “the Company”, mainly engaged in manufacturing and sale of packaging products, together with its subsidiaries collectively, the “Group”) is pleased to announce that a fully-owned subsidiary of the Group, Shanghai TY Technology Co. Ltd  (“TY Technology”), mainly engaged in the provision of product QR code and “one product, one QR code” business intelligence information technology to fast-moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) companies, whose client “COFCO Fulinmen” edible oil has won the “21st Century Chinese Corporation With Most Innovative Business Model” for its “One Product One QR Code” digital marketing program that fully backed by TY Technology ‘s technical support and cloud service at the “21st century Chinese Best Business Model Award Presentation” on 14 December in Shanghai jointly organized by 21st Century Business Review, 21st Century Business Herald, and Southern Daily and the Group took a great pride of their achievement.

As a service provider of “one product, one QR code” digital marketing program, TY Technology’s outstanding performance in the “Internet +” era has once won the “Top 10 Most Innovative Corporation in 2015” award at “Searching for Chinese Positive Energy 2015” on 1 February, 2016 together with other renowned mega corporations such as Tencent, Alibaba, and Huawei. The award presentation was organized under the guidance of Central Leading Group for Internet Security and Informatization and held by 7 central media including China Sou.com, People.cn, Xinhua Net, and CCTV. TY Technology has by now provided “one product, one QR code” solution to numerous reputable corporations including Evergrande Spring, Mengniu, Junlebao Dairy, C’est bon, Bright Dairy, Jianlibao, Jinluo Ham, and Hengshui Laobaigan etc.

Meanwhile, TY Technology won the exclusive partnership and is providing technical support to “Tracing China” public service cloud platform (“platform”), the first provincial platform created by Xinhua Net and Department of Commerce of Hebei. The recently launched and operating platform enables tracing of production, inspection and quarantine, monitoring, and consumption in various industries including agriculture, livestock farming and agricultural deep processing industry using RFID and QR code.

Mr. Wang Liang, the Group’s Executive Director, said “‘One product, one QR code’ is the future digital marketing trend for FMCG. The Group is committed in the provision of QR code and ‘one product, one QR code’ value-added services with information technology as a foundation. Under the trend of ‘Internet +’, the Group will continue to utilize the advantages of QR code and ‘one product, one QR code’ in providing accurate product information to promote O2O as focused marketing. The Group owns a series of QR code design patents, and by working with more mega consumer brands and commercial departments of Chinese government, the Group is believed to be developed into the leading provider in Chinese packaging QR code, and ‘one product, one QR code’ business intelligence information technology and digital marketing program.”


About China Opto Holdings Limited (Stock code: 1332.HK)

China Opto Holdings Limited is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sale of packaging products and point-of-sales display units. Currently, the Group owns over 20 QR printing patents, and provides Chinese producers with QR code printing service and one-stop innovative digital marketing programs. The Group’s current clients includes many reputable consumer brands such as Evergrande Spring, Mengniu, Junlebao Dairy, C’est bon, Bright Dairy, Jianlibao, Jinluo Ham, and Hengshui Laobaigan etc.

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